Dancewear Directory


Welcome to the Dancewear Directory! The purpose of this website is to inform dancers of modest, fun, and stylish dancewear, and to show them where to find the items pictured on the website. To the right, you’ll find a list of links to leotards, ballet skirts, costumes, and accessories to fit your needs.
Dancewear Directory doesn’t actually sell these items; we simply connect dancers with the companies who sell them.
Modesty needs differ for every dancer. I have personally reviewed each item on this website according to my own modesty standards. Since modesty is the theme of this website, I’ve organized each catagory by that theme: the listings are ordered from “Least skin showing” to “Most skin showing.”

When searching for that perfect dancewear item, take these three steps:

  • Pre-define your modesty standard. How high does the neckline need to be? How long do the sleeves have to be? How high does the back need to go? These will determine your product choice. Pray about these questions and ask God what He wants you wearing – it will help you greatly.
  • Transfer your shopping wisely. Dancewear Directory simply links consumers to sellers; we don’t sell the items. Remember, Dancewear Directory is not associated with any of the companies represented. Any shipping faults, quality errors, packaging problems, identity theft – anything at all that hapens on another company’s website is that company’s fault, not ours. Once you click the link, the third-party website takes full responsibility for everything that happens.

With that in mind, start looking around and may God be your guide!


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